Polluting and Corrupting my Brain with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies #971 Days

US Military attacked me to exploit my identity for their benefit. I was attacked and groomed in Terrorism in 2013 as a foundation for their mind control developments. Had they succeed in their initial Terrorism plan, they would have not needed the backup plans they had also set up.

Everything that has happened to me since US Military attacking me, has been about exploiting my identity to benefit their agenda thought force and demands.

In theory a set of new human rights have been proposed as a response to advances in neurotechnology that can read or alter brain activity, new human rights would protect people from theft, abuse and hacking by researchers. Why has these rights not been put in place when this technology has existed for over 70 yrs (Since 1950) . This technology has not been regulated because it benefits US Military in their crimes, like my Terrorism indoctrination. Once this technology is acknowledged then publicly then the benefits seize to exist.

We are living in the age where, people who control this technology, use it to exploit people for their own benefit. In my opinion and experience, they is no use for this technology except control. US Military use this technology as warfare against people to exploit them for various purposes including crimes for political benefit and as propaganda. A lot of things were achieved without the use of this technology, so the argument that the use this technology on people to make them intelligent is redundant.

Our brains already have the ability to regulate us for life – giving us work and play, and not one dimensional slaves run by computers.

Once I realised that US Military were using this technology to groom me in Terrorism, and when they failed began looking for other ways to exploit me further, I decided to start my blog http://www.iamnotaprototype.com to express my outrage. It will catalogue what was done to me in order to seek justice. US Military has to be made to pay for these crimes. This is an international crime with intentions to destroy peoples lives, my life, the life of Zimbabwes through an invasion based on “War on Terror” lies. US Military are engineering global Terrorism to invade countries for resources.


New human rights to protect against ‘mind hacking’ and brain data theft proposed

Towards new human rights in the age of neuroscience and neurotechnology Life Sciences, Society and Policy2017 by Marcello Ienca and Roberto Andorno