A group of dissident psychologists have just published a 60-page report alleging the APA secretly coordinated with officials from the CIA, White House and the Pentagon to change the APA ethics policy to align it with the operational needs of the CIA’s torture program. AMY GOODMAN

Note : The American Psychological Association (APA) is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychologists in the United States.

Torture is currently happening to many innocent citizens and if they approach authorities for help, they are dismissed as mental ill or delusional


Emails Show American Psychological Association Secretly Worked with Bush Admin to Enable Torture : On Democracy Now



US Targeted Individuals Speak to Bioethics Committee (2011) were target individuals talked about the experiences with targeting. So far they has no known result of the investigation leading targeting individuals to regard the exercise futile.

  • More money was given into brain projects by Obama in the The White House BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) 2011, increasing the amount of brain experiments
  • They has been a marked increase with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Abuse to targeted individuals .
  • I was attacked in 2013, by US Military who indoctrinated me in Terrorism to use me to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals for raw materials in the development of electromagnetic weapons and military weapons


  • What is the brain initiative   https://www.braininitiative.nih.gov/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1
  • Targeted Individuals Speak to Bioethics Committee (2011) 

The intent is to change the mind so radically so that it’s owner becomes a living puppet – a human robot – without the atrocity being visible from the outside. The aim is to create a mechanism in flesh and blood, with new thought processes inserted into a captive body. What that amounts to is the search of a slave race that, unlike the slaves of the olden times, can be trusted never to revolt, always to be amendable to orders, like an insect to its instincts” Edward Hunter CIA


Book : Brainwashing: The science of thought control By Kathleen Taylor


I was subjected to gangstalking in the initial days of my targeting. Men with electronic tasers were attacking me overtly, making sure I was aware of them. Although I felt targeted, I did not understand why they were attacking me. Initially I thought ignoring the attacks was best because it was obviously a case of mistaken identity, thinking they will soon leave me alone but the targeting continued. When I finally mastered the courage to confront these criminals, the targeting changed to use of US Military satellite, helicopters and drones.

On reflection gangstaking was only a small part of the bigger picture. What I did not pay attention to was the constant headaches that accompanied these abuses. These headaches were as result of my brain being attacked and external mind control was being done to me with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies and Voice to skull technology. As I tried to rationalise these abuses, my mind keeping going through the targeting. This become an obsessive thinking pattern that enabled US Military to isolate me, narrow my thoughts and hack my brain for HAARP Trauma based mind control.

At the time of my attack, I could not articulate or rationalise what was happening to me which enabled US Military to manipulate me by putting fear of going to authorities to report this crime or to seek medical help for the headaches, or the burns to my body from the lasers. Some of the burns were deep in the skin, not visually visible to the surface of my black skin. This enabled US Military to exploit me for mind control by abusing, torturing and grooming me in Terrorism

US Military continued to control my movements even after I exposed their terrorism indoctrination because they wanted to cover up that they had indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. Strategic Minerals they want for their weapons i.e HAARP, Chemtrails and US Military Weapons. The cover up involved interfering in my Artistic career making demands on my identity to further exploit me.

The purpose of gangstalking me was to deny me the opportunity to see this crime for what it was – exploitative. I was abused, tortured and groomed in terrorism then further abused as US Military tried to cover up that they had indoctrinated me in terrorism.