While US Military attack my live broadcasts to stop me going public about the abuse and torture I am going through, I will keep writing and exposing what they are doing until they are out of my life.

US Military have been forcing HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control against my will since it began yesterday and the abuse is causing me to be in constant pain with a headache. Its abuse that is being forced on me by US Military against my wishes. I want US Military out of my life for everything that they have done to me which is forcing isolation so they could force abuse , torture and mind control on me against my will. They Indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals, they want to invade Zimbabwe and bomb 15 Million Zimbabweans. They therefore have nothing for me except an afterthought that they have been exposed

Psychological manipulation to force me into situations that try to hide the reality of this CRIME. Forcing me into photography work to hide the impact of this one of them. US Military are trying to force me into business situations with people when I have not healed emotionally so that they can continue to Emotional manipulate me.

Photography no longer appeals to me as in did in my early 30s, this is due to the abuse, torture and interfering with my life

To safeguard myself emotionally, No camera work in the 1000 days. I am using my 1000 days to heal and to seek justice for torture and abuse against US Military for indoctrinating me in Terrorism and forcing mind control. For forcing me to do things against my will that were dangerous like Terrorism Indoctrination or condescending like controlling and micro managing with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies as a way of covering up this crime.

I know US Military are messing with my head. Not very overtly but covertly. I am not used to being left alone for long periods without torture and abuse. Unlike people who are rescued and saved from their abuser, I still have the fear of when is the next abuse going to come from.

I am looking at the hypocrisy of this CRIME to lie to me & try to survive by forcing me to lie to other people – meaning my lifestyle. I wore my jeans, it’s my choice and for the first time in along time, I am making my own decision about what I am wearing. I am just happy to be able to make such decision, however it’s doesn’t mean I am an expert on fashion. At this time, I have been technically living in a cage. I don’t even know who I am and all the things are being done from a point of me making my own decision. Not from jumping to knowing everything about fashion. That’s a mind control element. To even be forced to think like that makes me angry. I want common sense and reality in my life not psychological manipulation to make me think, I am what I am not. The only person who gets hurt by it all is me. I want to reintegrate into society & be intergrated with my reality.

I had a cough that began in January, I noticed, I can be made to constantly cough at night or anywhere especially when my throat is excited by Electromagnetic energy.

So we are now end of April, for 4 months everyday I have woken up with this infection in my system. I have been given a course of antibiotics & cough mixture but today when I woke up, I felt like the infection is getting stronger like I am getting reinfected over and over again rather than going away.

Another thing is the nasal drip that is astronomical in proportion. Its leads me back to my sinuses and to my Brain. The inflactuating pressure in relative to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies in my head as the fluid move around my ears & nose

The infection is definitely being delivered through a system , Chemtrails are a possible culprit. I live in Sandwell, UK and would be interested in knowing how many people in my area of Lion Farm Estate Oldbury are suffering from Chemtrail flu.

Time to end this post. I have been experiencing attempts to hack my brain as I am writing. It’s now 7.02pm on 26/04/2018. I took a nap earlier & I remember violent coughs & now I have extreme fatigue from HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies interference. I feel worse than I went to sleep. That’s what I now can guarantee about my health, I no longer feel well, just sick or worse sick due to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse

My life has been hell…I noticed today I am talking in past tense ALOT. That is not lost to me. I haven’t heard from US Military for a few hours. The gaps of “no contact” are getting bigger by hours. That does not make me feel secure, it frightens me that these criminals will never leave. My biggest fear is if I ever get to a stage where I am pregnant and they are targeting me again and I am caught between social services and them. They targeted me with an intention of extending this project to my children and if I am honest, I want to feel safe and secure. The security of children of mine is the biggest driver of this whole exposé.

That is how abuse works. It’s either they keep ABUSING me until something serious happens or they cool down a bit until everyone who was watching is back to doing their everyday things. Then it’s them and me again until its me asking for help again. All I can say is the cycles are getting shorter, from attack to looking for help. These people attacked, abused, tortured and indoctrinated me in Terrorism, they is a reason why I don’t want them attempting any contact with me.

Gradually I am learning to say NO to psychological manipulation to compel me to put a certain image in public through force and duress so US Military can continue to exploit my vulnerable situation. I think I cant go low, only to find myself getting lower in hope. Being real in admitting this abuse and torture by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies has robbed me of my life, diginity, identity and wellbeing.

I have moments of spariodically doing something fun now and again & those are supposed to be sound bites I am suppose to sell to the public had US Military mind control had worked. But it didn’t…

I have not been happy for a long time and common sense tells me, true happiness for me is not happening overnight. It will probably take years of external counselling and therapy starting with getting justice for a crime that happens to me. I am in a cycle of abuse. I am not out of the abuse cycle, I am not a survivor, I am still a victim…that is why the healing process will never take place while the abuse is going