I am getting interference on my blog posts #960 days

I know people who have never experienced this crime, have a difficult time understanding it’s happening to me or other people ( who might not have a similar objective as getting indoctrinated in Terrorism but the weapons are the same). I want this blog to be about information and educating people on what is going on with US Military warfare technology on innocent people, civilians like me.

Some people are being abused with Military grade weapons for experimentation to extreme levels of forcing people to do crimes, they would otherwise, not do themselves. Like I was groomed in Terrorism and told to have a Muslim child sacrifice to frame me of Islamic Terrorism.

So this is my platform to speak my mind, to expose crimes happening with US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons.

This blog was started in 2015, we are now in 2018, and I am just about making headway. Why? Because US Military have been hindering my progress trying to surpress me . They have been attempting to cover up this CRIME as if it never happened. Well it happened because I am the victim, I have to get justice for crime perpetrated against me by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.