Trojan Horse Identity Stolen by US Military #956 Days


I am 38 years now, since my attack in 2013 when I was 32 turning 33, US Military have been trying to position themselves in a way that they can control my identity for their agendas using deception as well as cohesion, manipulation, threats, abuse and torture. I cant say I have been blackmailed because I tried very hard not to put myself in a position where someone could threaten me with blackmail. I dont have skeletons in the cupboard. Something I have always valued growing up and I am glad it has served me well. What I have is US Military making efforts to position me in situations that can benefit their attempts to infiltrate Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. They have failed to use me in terrorism, but that has not stopped them trying other opportunities of invasion including  trying to control my identity to control my work in a way that they can direct – colourrevolutions , sponsor civil unrest or regime change in Zimbabwe.

I have been compromised as a person and until the attacks have stopped and I can start healing, I dont see myself being independent of these criminals – US Military are abusing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies