Daily Abuse and Torture with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military #947 Days

Its looks like my periscope is not playing well, my end anyway. I think we are now at the reality of my situation. They are people keen to silence or hide the fact that I was tortured and abused by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies and groomed in Terrorism, so that US Military could invade for Strategic Minerals for US Military weapons.


Yesterday we had an insight into US Military weapons situation through Assad

To me its evidence that they is an need to secure Zimbabwe Minerals for more and update military weapons by US Military who are intend on using war and invasion to secure these minerals as they were indoctrinating me in terrorism and telling me they would facilitate weapons to use in the overthrow of the Zimbabwe govt and they were going to link me with a rebel army in Mozambique to secure the sea and passage of minerals out of the country.  My role was to act as an in-between facilitating this process as they have done in with ISIS in Syria.