I feel like I live in Guantanamo bay #940 Days

What US Military torture program they are doing in Guantanamo, they are simulating the same conditions in my home with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. Most people say, Guantanamo drove more people into Terrorism, I can relate to that, but I don’t think it’s an accident. It’s deliberate, process of engineering global Terrorism by US Military.

I was groomed in Terrorism in my initial days of attack by US Military and they are still doing the same abuse & torture to cover up by trying to rewire my neuropathways with more junk. It’s not curing me but it’s an attempt to hide a serious crime of Terrorism Indoctrination to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

I have said I want this CRIME investigated for the risk it poses to 15 Million Zimbabweans US Military were planning to invade and bomb.