Slave Driving me #939 Days

Gradually I am learning to say NO to psychological manipulation to compel me to put a certain image in public through force and duress so US Military can continue to exploit my vulnerable situation. I think I cant go low, only to find myself getting lower in hope. Being real in admitting this abuse and torture by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies has robbed me of my life, diginity, identity and wellbeing.

I have moments of spariodically doing something fun now and again & those are supposed to be sound bites I am suppose to sell to the public had US Military mind control had worked. But it didn’t…

I have not been happy for a long time and common sense tells me, true happiness for me is not happening overnight. It will probably take years of external counselling and therapy starting with getting justice for a crime that happens to me. I am in a cycle of abuse. I am not out of the abuse cycle, I am not a survivor, I am still a victim…that is why the healing process will never take place while the abuse is going