I am actually not okay #938 days

My life has been hell…I noticed today I am talking in past tense ALOT. That is not lost to me. I haven’t heard from US Military for a few hours. The gaps of “no contact” are getting bigger by hours. That does not make me feel secure, it frightens me that these criminals will never leave. My biggest fear is if I ever get to a stage where I am pregnant and they are targeting me again and I am caught between social services and them. They targeted me with an intention of extending this project to my children and if I am honest, I want to feel safe and secure. The security of children of mine is the biggest driver of this whole exposé.

That is how abuse works. It’s either they keep ABUSING me until something serious happens or they cool down a bit until everyone who was watching is back to doing their everyday things. Then it’s them and me again until its me asking for help again. All I can say is the cycles are getting shorter, from attack to looking for help. These people attacked, abused, tortured and indoctrinated me in Terrorism, they is a reason why I don’t want them attempting any contact with me.