Ongoing Chemtrail flu #937 Days

I had a cough that began in January, I noticed, I can be made to constantly cough at night or anywhere especially when my throat is excited by Electromagnetic energy.

So we are now end of April, for 4 months everyday I have woken up with this infection in my system. I have been given a course of antibiotics & cough mixture but today when I woke up, I felt like the infection is getting stronger like I am getting reinfected over and over again rather than going away.

Another thing is the nasal drip that is astronomical in proportion. Its leads me back to my sinuses and to my Brain. The inflactuating pressure in relative to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies in my head as the fluid move around my ears & nose

The infection is definitely being delivered through a system , Chemtrails are a possible culprit. I live in Sandwell, UK and would be interested in knowing how many people in my area of Lion Farm Estate Oldbury are suffering from Chemtrail flu.

Time to end this post. I have been experiencing attempts to hack my brain as I am writing. It’s now 7.02pm on 26/04/2018. I took a nap earlier & I remember violent coughs & now I have extreme fatigue from HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies interference. I feel worse than I went to sleep. That’s what I now can guarantee about my health, I no longer feel well, just sick or worse sick due to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse