What is the concusion #936 Days

I know US Military are messing with my head. Not very overtly but covertly. I am not used to being left alone for long periods without torture and abuse. Unlike people who are rescued and saved from their abuser, I still have the fear of when is the next abuse going to come from.

I am looking at the hypocrisy of this CRIME to lie to me & try to survive by forcing me to lie to other people – meaning my lifestyle. I wore my jeans, it’s my choice and for the first time in along time, I am making my own decision about what I am wearing. I am just happy to be able to make such decision, however it’s doesn’t mean I am an expert on fashion. At this time, I have been technically living in a cage. I don’t even know who I am and all the things are being done from a point of me making my own decision. Not from jumping to knowing everything about fashion. That’s a mind control element. To even be forced to think like that makes me angry. I want common sense and reality in my life not psychological manipulation to make me think, I am what I am not. The only person who gets hurt by it all is me. I want to reintegrate into society & be intergrated with my reality.