Ongoing Headache due to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse by US Military #933 Days

While US Military attack my live broadcasts to stop me going public about the abuse and torture I am going through, I will keep writing and exposing what they are doing until they are out of my life.

US Military have been forcing HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control against my will since it began yesterday and the abuse is causing me to be in constant pain with a headache. Its abuse that is being forced on me by US Military against my wishes. I want US Military out of my life for everything that they have done to me which is forcing isolation so they could force abuse , torture and mind control on me against my will. They Indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals, they want to invade Zimbabwe and bomb 15 Million Zimbabweans. They therefore have nothing for me except an afterthought that they have been exposed