What US Military torture program they are doing in Guantanamo, they are simulating the same conditions in my home with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. Most people say, Guantanamo drove more people into Terrorism, I can relate to that, but I don’t think it’s an accident. It’s deliberate, process of engineering global Terrorism by US Military.

I was groomed in Terrorism in my initial days of attack by US Military and they are still doing the same abuse & torture to cover up by trying to rewire my neuropathways with more junk. It’s not curing me but it’s an attempt to hide a serious crime of Terrorism Indoctrination to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

I have said I want this CRIME investigated for the risk it poses to 15 Million Zimbabweans US Military were planning to invade and bomb.

When are these people going to get caught? I am watching my life passing while US Military abuse and torture me , do to me what they want as if I am not a person with own brain and mind. I want these criminals caught. I want them out of my life.

US Military attacked me in 2013 & Indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. Indoctrinated me in Terrorism forcing me to have a Muslim child sacrifice to frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism. They want to go into Zimbabwe to bomb and kill 15 Million Zimbabweans. They don’t care about any one except how they can get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for their weapons. They are dangerous criminals who should be caught.

What I am aware of is US Military attempts to minimise the impact of this crime. I on the other hand has decided to concentrate on the huge impact this crime has to 15 Million Zimbabweans. I was Indoctrinated in Terrorism because US Military wanted to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals for their Military weapons. I was being forced to participate in the overthrow of Zimbabwe Govt, facilitate weapons to cause civil unrest and compromise government officials. This was US Military plan to distabilise and invade Zimbabwe.

When they failed they tried to force me into group activism, to make their crime as insignificant as possible. To bury it. The idea is to pretend they is a solution when no solution is going to be found among victims alone. We have to get more people involved and aware of this crime, so help could be found.

I am working towards making myself available for a criminal case against US Military. I am willing to work with police, international organizations to get justice. I am working towards building a case regarding my abuse, torture, Terrorism indoctrination by US Military

I am trying to expose the cycle of psychological manipulation that US Military use on me to try & control every aspect of my life using HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control.

Usually the side of US Military that is

“helpful but noone asked you, kind of way” comes out when, what I am saying is attracting negative attention for THEM. So they try to subdue me by appearing helpful. But I have been through this cycle a thousand times, it leads to more interference, then actual attempts to undermine me and control my life against my will.

So yesterday I feel I finally named it for what it is ” helpful but noone asked you” coming from abuser. It’s a way of manipulating and subduing a victim.

My name is Winnie Mangwende. I need help. I was attacked by US Military in 2013 & Indoctrinated in Terrorism so they could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals wanted for US Military weapons.

They continue to abuse & torture me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies to hide the fact that they were indoctrinating me in Terrorism