US Military attacked me in 2013 and indoctrinated me in terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. US Military is engineering  global terrorism to justify invasion of countries to strip resources for their projects i.e HAARP. The want Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for their HAARP Mind Control Program. No one is paying for the mind control so their solution is to steal resources from other countries to use in their mind control developments


Image from Global Research Website

Zimbabwe’s mineral resources include, amongst others, coalchromium orenickelcopperiron orevanadiumtinplatinum group metals (such as palladium) and diamonds. Globally it is a significant producer of lithiumchrysotile asbestos and vermiculiteGold, platinum group metals and chromium are Zimbabwe’s key mineral resources. The Great Dyke provides most of Zimbabwe’s chromium reserves.  Geology of Zimbabwe

What should happen next? I was abuse, tortured and indoctrinated in terrorism by US military.  They have tried to cover up this crime by using Harassment, Threats, more abuse and torture, psychological manipulation and trying to buy me off by making promises of wealth and fame.

  • US Military also have tried to justify these abuse as if I deserved it to create self blame on myself
  • Also have tried to create the impression I was mistaken when I have evidence including scars, not going to work, being force to have a Muslim child, knowing things that I never knew or would not be interested in like about Zimbabwe strategic minerals and their use in US Military weapons, plans to overthrow the Zimbabwe government, places and rebel movements supported by US in Africa etc.
  • I knew about US Military HAARP Mind Control capabilities through them showing me, to get interested leading to them hacking me and grooming me in terrorism. They would later threaten that, they needed Zimbabwe Strategic minerals at all cost and it was my duty to secure them for they needed to ‘save the world’ from hunger and drought. So the needed Zimbabwe Pure Lithium deposits for their chemtrail ash for weather modification?  Zimbabwe to enter lithium market with $1.4bn mine
  • Lithium produces energy, its found in batteries ,  also there are rumours  that they are dosing mass populations with lithium (used to treat a mental disorder known as bipolar disorder) via chemtrail deposits. Chemtrails causes mental disorders

The U.S. plans to carry out large-scale scientific experiments, under the HAARP program, and not controlled by the global community, will create weapons capable of breaking radio communication lines and equipment installed on spaceships and rockets, provoke serious accidents in electricity networks and in oil and gas pipelines and have a negative impact on the mental health of people populating entire region (Russian parliament concerned about US plans to develop new weapon)

Because I am a victim of this crime, I am seeking ONE DEFINITE SOLUTION – JUSTICE. I want US Military to pay for the crime they perpetrated against me. I want all people involved in my abuse in jail.

They have taken more that 5 years of my life with this abuse. They have destroyed relationships with family and friends. They have stopped me pursing my own interests including having relationships of my choice, dating, having children, developing a career, learning to driving, going on holidays etc. That is not something I can overlook.

It was a crime instigated to invade Zimbabwe for strategic minerals through war. Its an international crime. I need help to pursue Justice against US Military crimes of attacking, torturing, and indoctrinating me in Terrorism

US Military have been trying to cover up that they Indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals, raw materials they want for US Military weapons. They have used torture and abuse to fight me from exposing what was done to me.

They have tried to wayward me into things to cover up this CRIME.

They have used psychological abuse to divert my attention to issues that concern me about this CRIME, in particular the engineering of Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe and kill 15 Million Zimbabweans on lies of terrorism. As well as forcing me to prostitute my self to a Muslim man so they can frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism.

US Military is involved in global Terrorism engineering. When US Military were grooming me in Terrorism they promised me protection as long as I followed their instructions to the letter. US Military isolated me and trained me to understand V2K technology. They would use it as a communication system for me on the ground in Zimbabwe.

Voice to Skull technology is a communication system being developed and used by the US Military using Military Frequencies, Satellites and HAARP technology to communicate with people , in my case, US Military were planning to communicate with me while carrying out a terrorist operation in Zimbabwe

That’s why what I am hearing about what’s happening in Syria comes as no surprise.

I have been a victim of US Military abuse for 5 years. I have been denied freewill to do what I want with my life. Most of my peers around my age have done a lot of things ie Career, travelling, getting married, go on holidays, driving etc and I am being held prisoner. If I do anything normal I should be greatful to be doing it like eating, going out etc because I am living like a prisoner under US Military control with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies .

I am counting down from a 1000 to 0 because I am seeking help to get US Military out of my life. I can’t walk out like people walk out in a normal relationship because these criminals have made sure that I am abused everywhere I go even in Zimbabwe were they were trying to force me into Terrorism. They wanted me to know that they have people everywhere who will continue to monitor and keep track of me weather I like it or not . I therefore have not many choices but to expose this CRIME and hope I am rescued before anything worse happens to me like being suicided.

What’s happens in US/UK/Europe if you complain about similar attacks ? People call you mentally ill and delusional

These abuses are going on, on a large scale and by exposing them, it’s going to change everything people know and believe

The irony is US is complaining about acoustic attacks on their diplomats but they are doing the same brain hacking going on with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies and grooming people like me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals.

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