Trauma Based counselling #929 Days

Most victims of mind control who succumb to their programming and commit a crime – don’t like explaining their mind control situation to authorities. They become invasive. Even those that don’t commit the crime, find it difficult to deal with authorities…but the authorities are not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem are people doing the mind control and UK authorities w are enabling this crime by not acting on my concerns.

US Military are attacking & Harassing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies to protect their crime. The UK police and all authorities I have told about this crime have done nothing, in a way of securing my security and stopping the abuse. That makes me very vulnerable not empowered to deal with this issue effectively.

January 2018 I asked my GP for Trauma Counselling and before I could go the whole time, US Military spend time trying to groom me to hide how this CRIME was being done, as a result of US Military meddling, the situation for me is not getting better but worse because I want US Military out of my life but they keep hanging on & trying to force Control over me and my life.

I will not be slienced. Something very serious and criminal nature happen to me. US Military attacked me and Indoctrinated me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. I want US Military out of my life.