HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control – #SuicideHeadaches #928 Days

I am trying to expose a crime that was done to me . The intention behind the crime was to remain hidden so that US Military criminals could get away with serious crime i.e Stealing Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals even if it meant bombing 15 Million Zimbabweans to do it under false allegations of Terrorism. US Military are engineering Terrorism and by exposing this CRIME, I hope people will understand the hienous crime, going on.

The area where #Suicideheadaches originate from is interesting as is close to the sinuses (were a HAARP mind control implant can be inserted thru the nose) …& it’s close to the brain stem were I often complain of pain & overheating. US Military are doing HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control interfering with the normal brain functions causing people to become suicidal.

Yesterday around 1800 hrs UK Time US Military tried to synchronise their HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies development with Mind Control.