To heal, the US Military Organised crime network cult has to stop accessing you #927 Days

The US Military Organised crime network is a cult. It’s a cult with values, ideas and goals that are not similar to mine and will never be mine. I have been tortured, abused and Indoctrinated in Terrorism by the same people who want to sell me their globalisation agenda. Action speaks louder than words and both have spoken – US Military are trying to steal as much as they can if you they can get away with it while in public was to pretend, they are everything, they are not. So US Military should leave me alone.

Sandra Fetch who I meet at her annual Trauma conference in London said while working with victims of Trauma she found people still being accessed by a cult can be aggressive and defensive. Shee is right. It’s not a healthy situation. It’s like putting a band aid on a gaping wound. When I tried to get trauma counselling for the 3rd time, US Military were trying to force me to hide the reality of my situation, to be subversive. That’s when I realised, it was going to be me or them situation. I have to work hard to get them out of my life, permanently