US Govt through US Military are involved in my Terrorism indoctrination to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals #923 Days

It’s taken me a while or it’s taken me longer by maintaining my persistence that US Government should be held accountable for my Terrorism indoctrination by US Military.

In 2013 I was attacked, abused, tortured and indoctrinated in Terrorism by US Military who were trying to use me in Terrorism developments in Zimbabwe to overthrow the government and access Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals.

The US Gvt have a record of sponsoring Terrorism and they are behind ISIS developments in the ME and strands they are trying to create in Africa. They are evidence in the social media of US Govt officials meeting with ISIS militants in Syria & Iraq promising them training and equipment to overthrow governments

  • John McCain meet up with ISIS and Al-Qaeda to discuss developments in overthrowing of Assad in Syria
  • John Kerry, who was Obama Secretary of State was recorded on Audio discussing how they supported ISIS

  • Wikileaks revealed when Hillary Clinton was also US secretary of state to Obama, she did not want Boko Haram recognised as a terrorist group in Nigeria, Africa because Hillary Clinton was in a business relationship with the leader of Boko Haram.

Clinton kept Boko Haram off terrorist list

This is one big scam going on to spread Terrorism so that US Military can invade countries on the pretext of fighting ‘War on Terrorism’. When they invade this countries they are looting resources and destroying countries so they can be under their rule and authority under pretext of US aid.

I was attacked in 2013 by US Military and Indoctrinated in Terrorism. Forcing me against my will to have a Muslim child so they could frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism and invade. They want Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for US Military weapons including HAARP the metal composition of Chemtrail ash is strategic minerals found in Zimbabwe.

Last by not least is AARON Russo exposing not only the bigger plans but how they are going to fake Terrorism developments so they can keep invading and destroying countries