I want US Military out of my life. Constantly interfering and causing disruption #921 Days

In a week US Military have managed to ruin to events in what could be traced to direct interference to me as a person. Interference in my personal and private life by trying to control me through mind control. They failed to use me in Terrorism and wanted to keep controlling my life with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons. This interference has direct interference to my life . It has absolutely no benefit expect to cause disruption and continuous stress and Trauma in my life.

Event 1 . Try to force me to do things under extreme mind control. Taking advantage of situations that are time constrainted. I was suppose to catch a coach last Sunday at 5.30 pm but found it difficult to wake up because my head was expecting extreme HAARP Electromagnetic interference. I live everyday worry about stroke or my brain stem dying from the abuse.

2. US Military interfrence when I am trying to read. This began when I was doing my Masters. They keep causing brain interference forcing me miss deadlines, then would force me to write content they choose which later became the foundation of my Terrorism indoctrination. This interference when I am reading content has continued in all aspect of my personal life. In this particular occasion when I received invite, I was experiencing head Trauma from HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse. This invite had a dress code in colour I dont wear. I missed this detail at the time due to interference. And US Military knew and wanted to take advantage of me by trying to make me buy white clothes by mind control. I noticed and refused because I knew it was mind control something I do not approve of although it’s being forced on me. It’s against my will. This is an example of trying to force mind control on a person without their awareness. Same with Indoctrinating me in Terrorism. It’s not about consent. It’s about MIND CONTROL.