Palvov & Addiction – US Military are manipulating my nevours system to create an addiction – #913

Any addiction is bad. The word addiction means you don’t have control of your actions. You became a slave of your addiction. Extreme addiction means you don’t bath, eat, clean, self neglect, destroy relationships to feed your addiction. US Military attacked me to exploit my identity in particular my career.

After 5 years of US Military interferenceI decided to take a break from everything and focus on getting justice. US Military are trying to use HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies to reignite my interest in art career when in the past 5 years they have used the same emotions to manipulate and exploit me. An example of tactics used in the palvov experiments. When such methods are being used, you wonder for whom, is it benefiting?

I haven’t achieved anything in 5 years because of US Military interference in my life to control my identity and my career for their own benefit, which is digusied as for my benefit but reality says otherwise. Apart from the HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency torture and abuse that goes with it, I feel trapped and I start to loss control of what I am doing.

US Military wanted to use me to get to Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. They wanted to force me in to Zimbabwe wilderness to take photographs while also passing messages and weapons to rebels to overthrow Zimbabwe. As I learned later, art is used for money laundering. They could pretend to be buying art when in reality they are paying for criminal terrorist activities.

When I have exposed US Military for indoctrinating me in Terrorism. US Military continued to control my life so they could manage me in a way that appeared like they were helping me when in reality they were promoting themselves and their technology. But their technology is about abuse, torture, oppression and enslavement. The worst feelings to be in a creative or working mind.

Artificial emotions are induced to force you to do something. But as soon as you attempt to do anything, you are bombarded with Frequencies that you find it overwheamling and confusing to find were to begin. This is when US Military start telling you what to do. They take over your work and any thinking, critical analysis, development is taken over, someone is telling you how to do their idea of YOUR project. Next they are embellishing all kinds of meaning and symbolism that suit their agenda like branding.

What do the want ? Initially US Military were planning to secure Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals through Terrorism. When I exposed them, it was like they are bargaining with me on how to secure Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. When I refused and kept exposing their plan, it became a way to pretend like they were misunderstood and they meant well when in reality I am

  • Sleep deprivated
  • Abused
  • Tortured
  • Poisoned with radiation
  • Suffer servere headaches, memory loss, feel ill, dehuminised, unbalanced, loss of control and Trauma from the abuse