Mindfulness is about being in the moment. It’s become a buzz word of the time. Why do people have to practice mindfulness when they already live in the present. Its something you will take for granted if you have never experienced HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies brain hacking. It’s short circuiting the brain and sending pple into dream states where they are easy to manipulate and program.

In my own experience, US Military have repeatedly tried to force me into dream like state were they try to program future developments like Terrorism. Or when they are caught, pretend they were developing my career and start forcing me to leave in the future with promises of fame and money so that I forget about my dire circumstances. Nothing is guaranteed, living in the future, is not living. You never enjoy life and live in the present, as life was intended to.

I don’t know what my future holds especially with my current situation of ongoing HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control, of abuse, torture and harassment. I want to live my life in the present not have to practice living in the moment.

What happened to me. Yesterday I had my old door replaced with a new one. We have building work going on in my area. Lovell have permission to do work in my absence. They told me I was getting a new door and . As I wasn’t home I asked them to leave the keys with the security guard which I would collect later. When I got there, the security was not aware of it, which lead to him looking everywhere and even phoning the site manager at his home. It was suggested that I sleep in the respite room until tomorrow morning when everyone who worked the day before was back at work. Initially I agreed, I thought they was a bed and proper bedding. But it turned out, the security guard had embellished some details. They was no proper bed and he gave me a couple of fleece jackets to make a pillow, to my horror, I freaked out. I wanted “to smash the room up” although I didn’t, instead I called the emergency housing line until the Site Manger came at 3am.

Still he could not help. He ended up sleeping in the office because he could not go back home. I started feeling bad at how the situation had turned out.The fact that I wanted to smash the room up worries me because I wasn’t like that before my attack by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. I am feisty but not a violent person by nature. I am actually all talk if provoked but would NEVER hit at anyone.

I was feeling really helpess and angry as lack of sleep makes me more vulnerable to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attacks. As I write I feel a bit spacy…I did try to catch up with my sleep when they finally let me into my flat. I feel calm but spacy.

Unlike US Military, I have forgiven Lovell for what appeared to be a genuine mistake. I can relate to people making errors. I feel bad the person who took my keys home has been suspended pending an investigation. They are treating it seriously because of the number of keys to people’s properties they have in their care and are responsible for the security of those properties. They have given me flowers and booked a spa day for me and a friend. It has made me reflect – would the outcome have been this civil & rewarding had I smashed up the respite room.

Any addiction is bad. The word addiction means you don’t have control of your actions. You became a slave of your addiction. Extreme addiction means you don’t bath, eat, clean, self neglect, destroy relationships to feed your addiction. US Military attacked me to exploit my identity in particular my career.

After 5 years of US Military interferenceI decided to take a break from everything and focus on getting justice. US Military are trying to use HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies to reignite my interest in art career when in the past 5 years they have used the same emotions to manipulate and exploit me. An example of tactics used in the palvov experiments. When such methods are being used, you wonder for whom, is it benefiting?

I haven’t achieved anything in 5 years because of US Military interference in my life to control my identity and my career for their own benefit, which is digusied as for my benefit but reality says otherwise. Apart from the HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency torture and abuse that goes with it, I feel trapped and I start to loss control of what I am doing.

US Military wanted to use me to get to Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. They wanted to force me in to Zimbabwe wilderness to take photographs while also passing messages and weapons to rebels to overthrow Zimbabwe. As I learned later, art is used for money laundering. They could pretend to be buying art when in reality they are paying for criminal terrorist activities.

When I have exposed US Military for indoctrinating me in Terrorism. US Military continued to control my life so they could manage me in a way that appeared like they were helping me when in reality they were promoting themselves and their technology. But their technology is about abuse, torture, oppression and enslavement. The worst feelings to be in a creative or working mind.

Artificial emotions are induced to force you to do something. But as soon as you attempt to do anything, you are bombarded with Frequencies that you find it overwheamling and confusing to find were to begin. This is when US Military start telling you what to do. They take over your work and any thinking, critical analysis, development is taken over, someone is telling you how to do their idea of YOUR project. Next they are embellishing all kinds of meaning and symbolism that suit their agenda like branding.

What do the want ? Initially US Military were planning to secure Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals through Terrorism. When I exposed them, it was like they are bargaining with me on how to secure Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. When I refused and kept exposing their plan, it became a way to pretend like they were misunderstood and they meant well when in reality I am

  • Sleep deprivated
  • Abused
  • Tortured
  • Poisoned with radiation
  • Suffer servere headaches, memory loss, feel ill, dehuminised, unbalanced, loss of control and Trauma from the abuse

I am trying to tell people I am being abused and tortured by US Military. They are ABUSING me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies… I cant live in peace or progress with my life. Today I poured my heart out and the periscope was cut off

If the have nothing to hide why are they stopping me talking?

My name is Winnie Mangwende. For 5 years I have been living with torture and abuse by US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency .  US Military abuse has robbed me of 5 yrs of my life .


US Military wanted to frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism. One day out of the blue, US Military began attacking and abusing me with HAARP Frequency Weapons, once they isolated me, they began demanding Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. They started forcing me to have a Muslim child against my will.

US Military isolated & staved me so I would be attractive for their plans to use me to attract Muslim man so I could prostitute myself & get the Muslim child they wanted to frame Zimbabwe for Islamic Terrorism. They want to invade Zimbabwe and bomb 15 Million Zimbabweans to secure Strategic minerals for their Weapons

I was abused and tortured by US Military


Timeline 2013 to Current

Since 2013 my life has been hijacked and sidetracked by US Military Organised Crime.  


  • Prior to being aware that I was a targeted individual, a brain implant was inserted through my nasal cavities without my prior consent or knowledge. Its with an in depth knowledge and research into this crime that I have been able to piece together events of my summer in 2013 when the crime occurred, which was the opportune time this very risky and serious procedure was carried out. Involves stalking and carrying out surveillance on unsuspecting victims. Alone for 2 weeks in June 2013, I suffered headaches, time loss and nose bleeds and slept constantly too weak and in pain to do anything else
  • my whole face ached and in time my whole body became very sensitive and painful in various places. I was getting bruising and injuries, I could not explain.
  • Gang stalking began August 2013. I was made to endured physical and mental abuse and torture 24/7.
  • Kept in a state of Cognitive Dissonance alternative states of forcing me to comply followed by escalating violence and abuse.
  • Educating me on Stockholm syndrome and how the relationship will be beneficial to me. Keep the existence of US Military Private
  • Interference with my MA studies.


  • Forced Isolation and abuse
  • Terrorism Indoctrination
  • Blackmail and demanding Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals
  • Accelerated disruption of  my work, my studies, denied social contact or my networking was monitored and disrupted
  • Denied pursing relationships of my choice
  •  Denied eating food of my choice or exercise instead I was starved
  • Destruction of electrical equipment in particular my phones, laptops. Trying to make it look like I was getting sensitive to WiFi to further isolate me
  • continual disruption of my plans followed by threats of  more and server disruption for non compliance


  • After I lost weight and at a size I was really thin, I was told to get pregnant to a man they chose who was Muslim.
  • Demanded I have a Muslim child sacrifice to abuse or murder and blame post natal depression . If I went to prison, I would be deported to Zimbabwe, where US Military would guide me into further terror related developments
  • Told I had no right to make decisions over my life, that I was now answerable to US Military
  • Getting more indoctrinated in terrorist activities and ISIS developments
  • I was kept in the dark about relevant matters of my life and told to act on instruction
  • Took me  years to figure out what was being done to me and I started making concrete efforts to contact my government and warn them about these developments as well as exposing it online.
  • This was followed by false re-socialisation, trying to make me look normal on the outside when they were still trying to regain control of my life, telling me what to do and continue to enslave me.
  • Continued manipulation to try and stop me from exposing what had happened to me.
  • Trying to force a false account of events by trying to direct the narrative differently.


  • Made contact with a member of the Zimbabwean government where I was able to tell them what was happening to me at the hands of US Military. Not only was my personal welfare threatened, so was lives of many Zimbabweans at risk from a war in Zimbabwe, being engineered by US Military Organised Crime
  • US Military continued to embed themselves in to my life so they could to command and direct my life. Tried to influence and manipulate me to silence me
  • Stop me exposing what had happened to me
  • Denied my right to self determination.
  • Living in fear of my life as threats escalated


  • Intentions to build evidence for a Legal case
  • Working with various professionals and other people in various related situations to Expose HAARP Frequencies/Electromagnetic abuse
  • Rebuild my life