I have been given an appointment for counselling where hopefully I will be able to talk about the Trauma I have experienced with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military. I am using this journal to gather my thoughts and put myself together for the counseling. I want to be able to come across well, rather than be in a situation where I have been wrongly sectioned and needed the tribunal to get me out. They are disadvantages to seeking help from people. Getting misunderstood and labelled mentally ill because they can not be bothered to expand their minds that HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies actually exist. (If you can believe that a person can be tasered and electrocuted from a distance, why is it impossible to believe that people can be abused remotely with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies?)


Trauma … Journaling my progress regarding the trauma from US Military abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies through colouring, doodling and documenting my progress. This crime has stolen from me, 5 years of my life plus I am subjected to daily abuse, torture, brainhacking, forced mind control, abused in lone situations by US Military predatory behaviour.

When will it stop?

US Military are working with this technology to force mind control on people in various situations. I was Indoctrinated in Terrorism so US Military could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. Since 2013 US Military have tried to overtly force HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control on me against my will. When they failed they have tried to use me in various Experiments including experiments were they abuse me financially. They are using my money to force me to buy what THEY WANT under HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control. I have been looking for sports watches and I am going to buy one when I am ready not one when I am being brain raped by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.