Thoughts cause feelings, not events. How US Military Voice to Skull, Brain hacking interferes with the thought process #903 Days

I am suffering from ongoing brain hacking by US Military who are using HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies to force Trauma Based Mind Control to cover up what they did to me for years after attacking me in 2013 – I was indoctrinated in Terrorism. US Military are using HAARP frequencies to modify my thinking and decision making process. The most extreme modification they did was trying to force me into terrorism to overthrow Zimbabwe government for Strategic Minerals. US Military want Zimbabwe’s Strategic Minerals for the military weapons.  They created the event /goal – To overthrow the Zimbabwe Government,   and were trying to program my feelings and thinking towards the event in a series of incrementing events leading to main goal. i.e First I had to do little tasks before the big task. They needed to corrupt my moral compass i.e Have a Muslim child to frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism which I had to have through prostituting myself.

When I exposed US Military for grooming me in terrorism, they have tried to mess up with my thinking, braining hacking me, trying to divert me from making this exposure. I am standing steadfast on my convictions and my beliefs about what happened. The worst is not talking about this crime and my country end up being invaded by US Military through organised crime like they were doing to me.

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Everyone has an internal locus of control which US Military are hacking people’s brains  with Voice to Skull technology, introducing new thoughts to events causing distress and destruction in peoples lives and well being