Watch “Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons ⇝ Dr. Patrick Flanagan” on YouTube #987 Days

What level are you?

Knowing what level you are can help you identify how this CRIME is affecting your health and Wellbeing.

If you have never been through Gangstalking etc, sometimes it’s hard to believe that they is an external source influencing your health and wellbeing.

I went through Gangstalking, so US Military could synchronise their HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency development to HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control. For 2+ years after US Military had attacked, isolated, I was abused, tortured and indoctrinated in Terrorism. That began in 2013, when I exposed them, they began trying to to cover up what they had done.

I am seeking justice for US Military attack, abuse, torture and Terrorism indoctrination to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals they want for US Military weapons including HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons