How is HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control damaging me #893

For years US Military have been creating disorders in my life manipulating my behaviour and emotions. First they tried to isolate me from everything that I knew and then started grooming me in Terrorism. When that failed, they still had control of what I could do and could not do. So they had control of introducing any behaviour they wanted then as soon as I adapted to it, take it away from me again. This could be going out to the gym, eating in a certain way, etc. They is this constant start and stop denying me control of my life because their goal is trying to compartementalise everything I do into little compartments they can manage using mind control. So it’s not getting me to live my life naturally, it’s controlling me for ongoing mind control and if I have children that will pass on as they use more and mind control and enslavement methods. It’s a crime and I have to expose it.

It should alarm people because they are trying to achieve this control using HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies remotely. Turning people to their Frequencies and giving US Militar control to abuse people as and when they feel entitled. None of this crime is to my benefit and it’s not part of my goals. It means it’s against my will and to understand how dictaterioal it is, is the inability to stop this CRIME even if I have said online, to my family, out loud that I want these criminals to leave me alone.

I am taking a career break because this is where they try to jump start me with what I call complusive impulses using HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. As soon as I focus on anything that resembles my fashion design course or anything, they start disorentation so that they control the work using their mind control weapons. I become a tool , enslaved by body and can’t use my mind. That is cruel and abuse of another person.