Anyone seen US Military – HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Modern Slavery statement? #882 Days

Ingorance is not an excuse for bad behaviour.

What’s US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse excuse? That

  • Abuse
  • Torture
  • Isolation
  • Terrorism grooming
  • Emotional and physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse & assult
  • Manipulating body functions including menstrual cycles to psychologically abuse women into thinking they are going into early menapose so they could act irrationality or causing Male erectile dysfunction
  • Destroying relationships
  • Human trafficking – Using HAARP countries for Terrorism, and Espionage developments them repatriating these people to countries for economic sabotage, puppet governments or to distabilisation & creation of failed states
  • Etc

…were not illegal because they were using HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.

The law will need to be applied retroactively because people who are currently being abuse day and night need justice.

In the meantime, US Military are ABUSING people with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies hoping to make the most of lack of laws concerning HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. Making them feel invicible and that they can get away with anything including indoctrinating me in Terrorism to invade Zimbabwe and kill 15 Million Zimbabweans for Strategic Minerals. This is now an emergency not a passive situation.