I am angry #881 days

I am using a welbeing journal to document my emotions, do a bit of  coloring etc. I find it helpful especially when I do not want to do anything too structured , which might make me too susceptible to constant brain hacking and abuse by US Military 

I noticed for the last few days I can wear what I want. That is how much control US Military have been exerting on my life. And that is not the only thing they have control of – its food, where I go, who I talk to, what I talk about etc using both emotional and physical abuse. Its probably becoming evident that I am not going to go along with any abuse and control despite attempts to isolate and manipulate me. I want the world to know what going on in my life and whats been going on. I am not happy,  have been a victim of US Military HAARP Electromagnetic frequency abuse since 2013 and these criminals have taken control of my life using abuse and torture. I need protection because even as I blog they continue to try and force mind control. To control what I am thinking, writing and  so they can take control of my blogging . It makes me feel soo much pain, emotional as well as physically because they are attacking and burning me with each violation to control my thoughts