US Military Mind Control developments promote Generational Dysfunction #877 Days

I am dealing with a lot of issues as a result of US Military abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. I want these people out of my life because all they have done to me shows a clear agenda to force me to operate in a dysfunctional manner in society while they benefit from ABUSING and using my identity. I am probably of no use to them now as a person but it worries me that they will target my children next. According to the late Max Spires, they is a US Military Peadophile network operating in Europe. And using my own experience of being groomed in Terrorism and forced to have a “Muslim child sacrifice” at the demand of US Military, so they could frame Zimbabwe for Islamic Terrorism, this notion does not sit well with me, that they criminals are in receipt of HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons to abuse people including women and children, using them in their Transhumanism MKUltra experiments.

If the US Government is working on eradicating, Peadophile networks then it should look even closer at home and abroad at US Military global Peadophile network