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US Military have being interfering with my blogging to cover up that they are still abusing and torturing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. They interfere with my thoughts and memory so that I am unable to construct long blog posts about issues of HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. So I have reverted to using twitter to record these issues in realtime, them weekly collect them into a blog post. I am still being abused by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies

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Relentless abuse by US Military to force HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control on me against my will. US Military are ABUSING me and forcing V2K on me against my will. I don’t want US Military to EVER communicate with me under any circumstances. They attacked me in 2013, Isolated, abused, tortured and indoctrinated in Terrorism. Time to get in touch with the President of Zimbabwe

I have no peace or privacy from these criminals. I am seating in the Birmingham Library were US Military attacked me to force HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control. Its disorenting. They are attempting to take over my thoughts and force their criminal agendas. I was Indoctrinated in Terrorism by US Military to groom me in Terrorism and since they have continued their abuse and Harassment to force Mind Control on me against my will. I want these criminals exposed. US Military are forcing Mind Control with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.

I woke up to US Military brainhacking me again… trying to do apart what I consider few weeks of healing. They want to fragment me so I can be driven by HAARP Mind Control Agendas rather than my own choices. I don’t know if they are trying to make a show for the Zimbabwe Govt that they are HACKING my brain for the benefit of Zimbabwe. It doesn’t matter because I am NOT in agreement with it. My government will never support the abuse, torture and grooming of Zimbabwe citizens by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.

So this trying to highjack my Zimbabwean identity to worm their way into placarding the Zimbabwean government is not going to work as long as I expose it for what it is.

I am Zimbabwean that’s enough for me. I don’t have to do anything more to please some mind control puppet master, in this case – the US Military. I am enough as I am so stop forcing me to do anything Zimbabwean. That is non of your business.