I want people to admire me for my skills, not for being a victim. I dont want my identity to be exploited either #806

I want to write what I want. I dont want any help from fake/artificial intelligence. US Military HAARP brain entrainment is rape and an invasion of my thoughts and personal space. This abuse is not adding anything into my life except taking my health, welbeing, money and time. I am 38 years, I have the ability to undertake and perform various skills with efficiency. What this technology is doing is taking my abilities and turning me into an inferior human being of low to no iq.

US Military continue to mentally rape me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies #807


I don’t have a choice. I am a slave. And I am being tortured and abused by US with HAARP Electromagnetic Weapons. I am being mentally raped. I woke up in pain from the all night abuse. During the night I woke up a few times experiencing pain in my brain stem but due to my neuropathy medication for suicide headaches, I am too drowsy to tweet about it. I have increased my dose to try to sleep but that has not stopped  US Military insulting me in my sleep forcing induced dreaming.  I wake up with blurring sounds or screaming causing disorentation and confusion. I am swollen and in pain from the assault. I am being Brain en-trained with HAARP against my wishes. I am being raped

29 August 2018 has been designated – Targeted Individuals Awareness Day 807 Days

In solidarity with Targeted Individuals who are being targeted by US Military, Government and Allies for use in warfare and biomedical experiments with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies without consent. I was attacked by US Military in 2013 and groomed in Terrorism so US Military could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. Exposed US Military to Zimbabwe Govt and US Military have continued to abuse and harass me to cover up the Terrorism indoctrination

Break the HAARP Electromagnetic links #808

I have done this exercise and it seem to give me relief. I try to do 10 and I feel relief. I need to remember to this regularly . I am going to do visual images to accompany this routine.

  1. Touch your head with both heads
  2. Next your shoulders
  3. Next your knees
  4. Then your toes
  5. Finally pat the floor with open palms without bending your knees

* Mind your backs. Go as low as you can. When I was a child, it was easy…I find this stretch releases tension from my body created by HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies

They will try to realine them and you keep breaking them

I was isolated, abused, tortured, groomed in terrorism and Staved by US Military #809 Days

US Military starved me and use my flat as a torture chamber.


While at my cousins I noticed more how US Military interference in my life, has destroyed the life I had before this attack. The constant locking down of my thoughts with HAARP Mind control frequencies, denying my brain the ability to live a normal life, and to enjoy foods I eat as a child and growing up. I want these criminals out of my life

US Military have spent the whole day of me coming back from Edinburgh locking down my natural brain waves to operate me on HAARP Mind Control Electromagnetic Frequencies #810 Days

US Military have spent the whole day of me coming back from Edinburgh locking down my natural brain waves to operate me on HAARP Mind Control Electromagnetic Frequencies. They are trying to hide the fact that they spent 5 years of my life grooming me in Terrorism and trying to cover it up. They are continuing their abuse, torture, harassment and biggest of all-treating me with contempt – treating me like a person who can’t think and make decisions about my life and time. They stop me doing things are like to pursue this mind control. No more

Guidbye Bye Bye Edinburgh … Dreading going home #811 Day

I am dreading going home were the Harassment and abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons by US Military increase. It’s nothing to do with isolation but more to do with Harassment and abuse. I can do something about isolation but I cannot do anything about US Military abuse, torture and Harassment with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons.