US Military -You’re Dead To Me #832 Days

US Military Stop your psychological manipulation because it’s not going to work on me. You are wasting my time. Your time I could not give a shit

I was attacked in 2013 by US Military. I was abused, tortured and groomed in Terrorism because US Military wanted an excuse to invade Zimbabwe, so they could get in and control Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals. I never consented to anything, I was attacked and told I was going to get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals for US Military. I was answerable to US Military and NATO. 5 years on, the plan did not go well because I exposed it to the Zimbabwe Govt in 2016. Since then US Military have tried to cover up interfering in every aspect of my life trying to make it look like they are doing me a favour when in reality they are trying to embed in my identity to control it in their favour. They have totally ingored my demands to be left alone and keep pushing their agenda to enslave me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.

US Military take your help, your charity, your whooped idea of philanthropy to hell. I don’t want it. You are dead to me