The irony – US Embassy Zimbabwe #831 Days

The US Embassy in Zimbabwe should be the last place to offer an opinion about Zimbabwe Politics. They are biased and have been seeking regime change for a long time. Not for the benefit of Zimbabweans but to exploit Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals.

They are the craftsman of colour revolutions globally. Every Zimbabweans should now realise that a country invaded by US goes only one way – down. Examples include Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Somalia and Syria (which is fighting back thanks to Russia etc).

When their chosen party does not win, US embassy causes civil unrest by exacerbating the political situation and exploiting the emotional state of the losing opposition party support.  Their reckless behaviour leads to civil unrest which in turn is a risk to national security of thecountry. They then have the cheek to display their destabilisation efforts as alerts. We have let US get on with this behaviour for years that, they do not even have self awareness or shame.

My solution, President Manganwa is to deport them all – Now.  Get US Embassy Staff out of Zimbabwe. Because the irony is, US Embassy in Zimbabwe talks down Zimbabwe like its a shithole, yet they are there, building the biggest embassy in Africa and not moving an inch. All words they use i.e aid, charity, donation, philanthropy should be rephrased to represent their exchange value, i.e if they are paying towards something they have taken out of our country,  it should be exposed because 99% of whats called aid is actually loans that indebt the Zimbabwean people.

Lets cut all pleasantries with these people.

Zita Rekuberekwa,  DjvN4LAW0AAB8ct

Winnie Mangwende