Why Victims are slaves – US Military HAARP MIND CONTROL and Art #829 Days

The link between US Military HAARP mind control, organised crime and Slavery.  US Military attacked me and indoctrinate me in Terrorism to use terrorism to overthrow the Zimbabwe government. It become a foundation for further agendas to use exploitation to further their organised crime agendas.

  • Using Art to distribute money for organised crime projects.  E.g US Military have been trying to use me and photography  to push regime change agendas in Zimbabwe.
  • Telling  slaves (me) to give money or attention to organisations and situations that promote organised crime e.g colourrevelutions or promote political agendas that can destabilise people, governments and countries if they are allowed to carry on.

Otherwise they want to lie that they are just helping people. How are they helping people like me who don’t even have the right to say no. I want US Military out of my life because I SAY SO. I have a right to decided who I want and do not want in my life. I make my judgement based on what I  know, experience and wishes. I know that I don’t want US Military in any aspect of my life.