Eating Disorder due to Sabotage and Abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military#826 Days

I have an eating disorder due to abuse with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military. Food issues include

  • Craving unhealthy foods through voice to skull suggestions
  • Brain hacking causes an increase in craving sweets for energy
  • Craving quick gratification from food that is easy to access and ready to eat usually premade snacks like sweets, chocolate, at times crips etc
  • To tired from fatigue induced by Electromagnetic Frequencies. Low energy means I can not go out and buy health food to cook. Usually end up at the corner shop to get unhealthy snacks to eat
  • Unable to control my emotions and constant low energy from HAARP Electromagnetic abuse
  • Emotional eating from feeling trapped in a vicious cycle were my will power is reduced to zero.
  • Voice to skull Sabotage forcing negative thinking, suggesting unhealthy foods
    HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency induced anxiety to make me unable to focus on my diet or to make positive and firm decisions around food and exercise. Interference with meal planning and shopping.
  • Memory Loss caused by HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency interference causes me to loss track of  the food I am eating.
  • Eating 24 hours a day even at night, as I experience sleep deprivation torture. I am constantly  getting up to eat food, a result of sabotage, sleep deprivation and mind control suggestions.