US Military tried to force me to create An online Isolation Camp for victims of HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Abuse and Torture #820

US Military were trying to keep the Terrorism indoctrination a secret from the public that they were forcing me to develop a site for targeted individuals controlled by US Military. I refused for multiple reasons

  1. If the platform developer is a victim of HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Abuse and Torture by US Military with no human rights, what help are they to other victims
  2. I would be enabling an online platform for HAARP abuses to thrive. These abuses should not be happening at all. And people like me are being forced to create platforms that don’t help victims but end up being platforms for abuse and torture of innocent people with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies.
  3. US Military want to use the platform to cover up my Terrorism indoctrination and the crimes the are doing to other people. They want to create an impression that something is being done to help victims when the reality is nothing is being done except isolating victims from other online and social media platforms.
  4. Using my Zimbabwe identity to create an impression that I am fighting this CRIME when they were trying to target my children and subject them to live of Slavery and to use them in US Military crimes aimed at Zimbabwe were they are trying to get Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals.
  5. Forcing me to work under torture and abuse subjecting me to Morden Slavery.
  6. Trying to subject me to live in prison conditions were my communications, life and identity are controlled through HAARP enslavement.

I feel this whole situation is a crime that has no place in people building isolation camp to hide victims of this CRIME. The Terrorism indoctrination US Military want to hide has direct consequencies to 15 Million Zimbabweans had they invaded Zimbabwe with war on engineered Terrorism