US Military is subjecting civilians to warfare experiments & developments with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons #813 Days

The technologies including HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency weapons and Voice to Skull, US Military use to give Military directive is the same technology US Military is subjecting foreign citizens to, grooming them in Terrorism to overthrow govts or carry out various Espionage & Treason related activities.

This is the technology US Military subjected me to, when I was groomed in Terrorism and subsequently tried to cover up. I don’t want anything to do with these technologies because they have been used to threaten the national security of my country and remain weapons of warfare against Zimbabwe and Zimbabwean people. The Terrorism plans failed because US Military got exposed by ME and not that they were stopping. Thats gives me an indication of the level of criminality they are operating on and if they got another chance, US Military would not hesitate to use their weapons for warfare against Zimbabwe and the people of Zimbabwe.

They is no going forward with this situation. I want all communications towards me by US Military to stop … forever. I don’t want those criminals in my life.