I managed to go out with friends to celebrate their birthday and mine.

I need to lose weight and focus on building myself up again. I don’t want US Military interference in my life. Treating me with disdain and insulting my intelligence. Everytime I try to pick my self up, they are there interfering causing disorientation and disaster. As I write this, US Military are brainhacking which means the chances of moving from this are narrow. These criminals should be caught

Postponed my Birthday Celebrations on the 25/09/2018 to Friday 28/09/2018 due to work. I am extremely bitter about the abuse and torture I am subjected to by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies that every Birthday celebration is a dagger and will remain a dagger for a long time to come. I managed to do a few things this weekend unfortunately they dont last.

US Military sleep deprived me to force me to get lathegic and tired totally wreck my plans for the day. They are literally trying to control me to pursue their mind control agendas over my wishes. I want to control my life. It’s the only thing I own and should be mine to do what I want with, not to be Abuse by US Military forcing HAARP Trauma Based mind control

MyEmoji_180904_173432_12.gif25 September 2018 is my birthday. Turned out to be the worst day ever because of US Military interference in my life stopping me living my life the way I want. The constant attempts to force mind control on me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies against my wish disrupting my life

From US Military forced starvation to out of control weight. I am now struggling with weightloss…this on and off attempt is now gone beyond a joke. Its because of the HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies targeting and abuse by US Military to force Mind Control. I get motived only to be disrupted by US Military forcing HAARP mind control on me against my will. I want people behind this crime caught because I want to live my life like it should be lived, not to be bastardisatised with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies forcing brain entrainment