When reporting a crime becomes a crime #767 Days

I have been victimised for reporting a crime. To me they is no excuse for ignorance within the UK police and mental health practitioners to try and discredit my view of events. Fortunately for me I work I’m social care and have a good grasp on cases of abuse and crime. How perpetrators go to lengths to hide crime by discrediting the victim which US Military were hoping to get away with grooming me in terrorism so US Military could invade Zimbabwe for Strategic minerals. It’s a complex cause of events that changed my life in 2013 and I believe the public has a right to know about what happened to me.

I would like to merge swiggles, photographs and messages with material #769 Days


I want to raise awareness of US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies forcing mind control on people to turn them into manchurian candidates for their agendas. I was targeted because US Military were trying to exploit my Zimbabwean identity for their plans to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. Iamnotaprototype was born to raise awareness of this crime