733 days until a complete 1000 days of Exposing US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Crimes & Demanding Justice.

US Military have been working hard to silence me from the terrorism grooming they did to me under Chemtrails/HAARP Developments. US Military are doing illegal mind control Developments that include grooming people in terrorism for espionage purposes. I was groomed in terrorism because US Military wanted to use me to overthrow the Zimbabwe government for Strategic minerals. US Military isolated me in my flat, 64 Wallace house in 2013, and began radicalising me against Zimbabwe govt under Chemtrails/HAARP mind control Developments. US Military are using UK Chemtrails/HAARP Developments to target foreign nationals, I.e Africans for terrorism Developments against African countries. I had African nationals who had experienced similar Developments contacting me to tell of their experiences. I want this crime recognised and US Military brought to justice for international crimes with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies under Chemtrails/HAARP Developments