Not an online concentration camp!!! This is a personal website run by winnie Mangwende to highlight her experiences of illegal Mind control under Chemtrails/HAARP by US Military #688 days is against all kinds of mind control developments under Chemtrails/HAARP by US Military. It’s a personal website, I Winnie Mangwende maintain to highlight my experience under US Military Mind control developments. I am interested in pursuing Justice for a crime that was done to me under Chemtrails/HAARP Mind  Control devts.  I am going to pursue international and domestic avenues of Justice. All activism I do is to highlight how I was abused, tortured, harassed and groomed in terrorism by US Military under Chemtrails/HAARP Mind control developments which should alarm people so they can start asking what is going on. US Military are doing illegal Mind control developments under Chemtrails/HAARP.