I am experiencing ongoing brain hacking abuse by US Military forcing Mind control on me against my will under Chemtrails/HAARP Mind control developments. US Military are terrorising, harassing, abusing and torturing me to forcing HAARP Trauma based Mind control on me against my will . They are causing low frequency headache #suicideheadaches, #ChronicPain, Overheating, disorientation, dizziness as they force Mind control on me against my will.

I have started taking pain killers as a result of the abuse and chronic pain. HAARP Electromagnetic frequency abuse is responsible for the #opiodepidemic and #opioidcrisis as people look for relief from Chemtrails/HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies abuse

US Military Chemtrails/HAARP devts are causing mass mental health issues & suicides. But what also pple need to know is US Military are doing Mind control under these conditions. Pple are being treated as objects to practice Mind control. MKULTRA developments on large scale https://t.co/XUCGr6Hm8R