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Reclaiming my Life : I recently bought 2 hibiscus plants & one of the plant is flowering- Day 454 until a complete 1000 days of Exposing US Military HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency Crimes & Demanding Justice

At a tender age of 4/5 years my family uprooted from Chitungwiza to live in a suburb in Harare. As we were driving along the road we were going to be living, I noticed these trees in bloom. They were hibiscus trees in various colours. As well as the hedges were Hibiscus. The moment stack […]

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Reminder to complete an avidaffit this week

Winnie, are you in the UK? If so, would you be interested in submitting an affidavit to my court case? I'm trying to get genuine victims with evidence together. If you are interested, could we maybe get in touch. My email is — Joint Investigation (@JITupdate) August 5, 2019

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