Project proposal : Protest Wear Development

Objective : To design a T.shirt based on exposing US Military crimes with HAARP Ionizing Electromagnetic frequencies causing disabilities and killing people in their prime. The use of technology to enslave people, through torture and abuse. corrupting peoples thoughts by introducing dangers thoughts like grooming people in terrorism and encouraging them to do terrorist acts like blowing a bomb to kill innocent people

Stage 1 : September 2019

  1. Write an introduction and profile
  2. Research about T-shirts and their use in popular culture and activism
  3. Collect various examples to show research of subject and create a favourite collection to inspire my development
  4. Timetable : Hours required to complete this part

Stage 2 : October, November, December 2019

Budget : Software + Printing Material +Postage – £

  1. Subscribe to software Adobe or Coreldraw
  2. Make slogans using Text
  3. Choose or make selfies
  4. Create designs using Design Software
  5. Choose a T-shirt pattern
  6. Choose fabric
  7. Create pattern for printing to suit the size of the material required to cut out pattern
  8. Send to fabric printers for samples -approve?
  9. Send to fabric printers the required meters

Stage 3 : January, February , March 2020

Budget : Course Fees £

  1. Enroll in a sewing class
  2. Measure myself with help from tutor
  3. Cut out patterns
  4. Sew as required
  5. Finish Garments

Project Complete and Evaluate.

Write a conclusion

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