Stolen Identity

Identity theft is when someone steals your personal information or possessions so they can use your identity.
Identity fraud is when they use your identity for their own financial gain – usually at a great cost to you.

US Military are abusing me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies trying to exploit my identity for their benefit. I was groomed in Terrorism by US Military who wanted me in Zimbabwe passing weapons to militia to overthrow Zimbabwe government and cause civil unrest because US wanted to invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals for their own commercial and military benefit. I exposed this crime in 2015 to the Zimbabwe government as I was being forced to do an act of Treason against my government & country against my will.  US Military were forcing me to have a child with a Muslim man so they could frame me for links to Islamic Terrorism and discard me when they had succeeded  their invasion and looting of Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals using engineered terrorism to justify war on terror invasion of Zimbabwe.

US Military are trying to keep this technology secret so they can do similar crimes that involve using foreigners for espionage and treason

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My MA in Photography I started looking at how identity is perceived both by the individual and people around them. With the shift in technology, as people were going online, peoples identities were no longer static but were very varied and insightful.


I did work on my identity and produce various identities under various settings and relative to the relationship these identities were relating towp-1515374305082137000812.jpg