With a heavy heart – I turned 40


A joint 40th birthday with my cousin Margs. A weekend in Middlesbough.   A family affair, my younger cousins were there too to help us celebrate.

img-20190928-wa0045536385431729465097.jpgimg-20190928-wa00506867224571094667476.jpg20190928_2203254610630929933172039.jpg20190928_215413902049525519261121.jpgimg-20190927-wa00104038776618431781223.jpgimg_20190927_211733_5253179899974872577513.jpgimg-20190928-wa00178234922930995376352.jpgimg_20190928_203432_8498478227607306230513.jpgimg-20190928-wa00523713036696878230459.jpgI turned 40 this month on the 25 of September. I lost my 30s to US Military  HAARP Ionizing  Electromagnetic Radiation Frequency abuse and torture. I was attacked in 2013 and was subjected to isolation, abuse, torture, starvation, forced prostitution to a Muslim man for a child, US Military wanted to frame me for links to Islamic terrorism and Terrorism grooming. They attacked me and trying to control my life by abusing me. So
I am increasing my exposure for this crime as I want these evil scam caught and prosecuted