Healing with Art BY Moma: Zoom Meeting

I recently attended a Zoom meeting on healing with the arts funded by the United Nations delivered by MOMA on the 22nd of October 2020. The reason of my attendance was curiosity and interest in the Arts as a therapy for healing victims of trauma. The meeting covered various aspects of issues happening in society with main focus on US & 1 or 2 other international issues including Black Lives Matter.

I found the experience and delivery insightful. The commentary from the participants guided me on how, I could approach such poignant issues with directness & openess so that healing could begin

I want to help people who are victims of Cybertorture. I want to be the person who says -” I believe you. This is a safe place. Let me help you heal”. This is a direct opposite of what victims get, because instead of getting real help, they are not believed. Victims are told they are delusional & given medication that makes them more vulnerable to Cybertorture abuse (wonder why people who complain of mind control are sectioned, medicated & go on to do suicides, mass shootings & terrorist attacks). No one wants to discuss why these methods of treatment are not working.

Its call to action. Its time to bring this issue into society and call for justice for victims of Cybertorture as well as developing effective healthy methods of helping the victims