I did photography for Human Trafficking

When I did photography, I didn’t know I was being watched and pushed on by US Military Human traffickers.

Soon as I became qualified the US Military human traffickers made themselves known. They destroyed my own photography plans and replaced them with their plans. I was taught to understand ‘voice to skull’ in my flat – 64 Wallace House, Badsey Road, Oldbury B69 1ER. They were teaching me voice to skull, which means they would not be traced when communicating with me by Zimbabwe government when I got to Zimbabwe

They wanted me to go to Zimbabwe to pass weapons and information to militia to overthrow Zimbabwe government, create a failed state, for US Military to later invade on ‘war on terror ‘ to loot strategic minerals.

Now that is all in the open I want US Military to stop creating fake dreams involving my photography. They think they can use photography to control me when its actually making very angry

I want these human trafficking slavery criminals caught