Depression is a tool for oppression

US Military stop me doing things around my home including bathing and get dressed. Why?

The basic act of getting dressed involves alot of muscle movement. Muscles that US Military target. US target these muscles to keep them as immobile as possible inorder to target the brain and nervous system to force mind control.

So bathing, getting, dressed, housework, exercise, etc involves breaking rf frequency tension created for mind control

The muscles targeted include head, neck and spine. So these target areas involve the brain and the nervous system

To be manipulated US Military keep me in constant attack so I am constantly conscious of external stimuli that I am suppose to respond to. I had Mind control training that was forced onto me in 2013 and 2014 involved forcing me to understand v2k & to interpret stimuli to have certain meaning I.e fear, alertness, important etc

I want people to understand what these frequencies are being used to keep people in a depressed state so they can be manipulated and mind controlled.

#Havanasyndrome #mindcontrol #microwaves #rffrequences #HumanTrafficking