Winnie Mangwende Artist and Victim of HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse

I am a Zimbabwean born Artist, currently living in UK.

I am using this platform to exposes a serious crime that happened to me in 2013 and how I am trying to pick up the remnants of my life through Therapy, Self Development and Creative Expression.

I did my MA in Photography at De Montfort University graduating with a Post Graduate Diploma. I also hold a BA (Hons) in Photography. I am currently undertaking a Fashion and Design Diploma with Regent Academy as an interim to a Research programme I am interested in getting into as well as developing myself professionally as an artist.

During my Photography education I developed an interest in developing Fashion Fabrics using the Photographic image. An interest that has resonated with me again after my experience with US Military abusing me with HAARP electromagnetic frequencies. Most people see the T.Shirt as a viable and practical platform for expressing one’s views, used to protest on any issues both personal and political. I knew my situation warranted at minimum a protest T.shirt, to express my opinion and emotions. I came up with the slogan ‘I am not a prototype’ as a means of differentiating from being objectified and being used as a such.

The project is about asserting and empowering myself. Its a requirement to my healing , before I can think about developing myself professionally or even dream about branding and marketing myself, I need to heal and recover from the abuse that was done to me by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies both physically and emotionally since 2013.

In 2013 I was attacked by US Military who abused and tortured me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies. I was subjected to MKULTRA. I was indoctrinated in Terrorism and told to have a Muslim Child abuse/Murder, a sacrifice to frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism so US Military could destabilise and invade Zimbabwe for Strategic Minerals. US Military used Voice to Skull technology on me by force to give me instructions of the crime of Terrorism.The also exploited my identity as a woman to force me to have a Muslim child to frame Zimbabwe of Islamic Terrorism. In 2016 I informed the Zimbabwean Government of US Military plans to which US Military tried to cover up this crime by interfering with my plans to go public with the crime that was perpetrated against me. HAARP and Mind Control by Dr Nick Begich

Intend to raise awareness of US Military crime with HAARP electromagnetic frequencies and pursue legal charges.

All images and work belong to Winnie Mangwende except were expressed and credited.  All rights reserved.