Abuse Diary

From January 2018, I have decided to keep a dedicated abuse diary with HAARP Electromagnetic Weapons by US Military. Since 2013, US Military have been attacking me with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies , trying to force Trauma Based Mind Control without my consent.


10 March 2018

  • US Military have been triggering severe tooth ache with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency causing me to take lots pain relief.
  • HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attack by US Military causing me to feel dizzy and nauseous
  • Low frequency headache caused by HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attacks
  • Ongoing HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attacks by US Military
  • HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attack, static noises.

9 March 2018

  • Tooth pain from the HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency abuse by US Military
  • Ongoing HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies abuse by US Military. and attempts to HACK my brain for V2K abuse
  • I am being attacked as we speak by US Military. My mind is going blank due to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies interfering with my brain. They are tracking me 24/7 to abuse me whenever they feel entitled.

8 March 2018

  • Please see twitter entries

7 March 2018

  • Please see twitter entries

6 March 2018

  • Please see twitter entries

5 March 2018

  • Please see twitter entries

4 March 2018

  • Please see twitter entries

3 March 2018

  • Please see twitter entries

2 March 2018

  • Low frequency headache. I am being attacked by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies

1 March 2018

  • Ongoing HAARP Electromagnetic Attack by US Military to force Trauma Based Mind Control.
  • Ongoing surveillance and interference in my morning routine. Subjecting me to HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies burning into my head and disorienting me.
  • Woken up and Ongoing attempts to hack my brain by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • In the last hour, US Military have been trying to hack my brain with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies

28 February 2018

  • My chest is under so much pain due to trauma. US Military are strangling my breath to force mind control. Ongoing since January. Using lack of oxygen and pain to force HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control. The pain has been continuous hiding low frequency headaches by attacking chest
  • Low frequency headache caused by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency
  • 2 Painkillers taken due to pain
  • Im awake but experiencing HAARP Electromagnetic Attack causing me to feel lethargic & sleepy. Its constant frequency in my flat to keep me immobile and not very active. Forcing me to sleep US Military were intercept my natural sleeping pattern with fake mind control dreams

27 February 2018 

  • Feeling fatigued & mind fog. My whole brain is inflamed from the assault. Getting Electromagnetic attacks from time to time … attempts to force HAARP Trauma Based Mind Control never stops. US Military have to keep me enslaved because if they stop, they lose control of me
  • Ongoing abuse to hack my brain for Trauma Based Mind Control with HAARP Electromagnetic frequencies by US Military
  • The brain hacking is interfering with my breathing due to attack of my brain stem

26 February 2018

Ongoing assault during the night, leading to a noise bleed the following morning, see video below


  • went into shock this morning (26/02/2018)… I cant believe US Military continue to assault me. Even if it has happened to me over and over, I cant believe they are still assaulting me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency to force Mind Control on me against my will
  • Update US Military have attacked me through out and are waking me up at hourly intervals to force sleep deprivation
  • Ongoing attacks to force sleep deprivation so that US Military can pursue HAARP Trauma Based Mind control on me by force
  • I am lying in my bed. Everytime I turn, I am experiencing pain in my ears. Ongoing HAARP Electromagnetic Frequency attack by US Military.




5 February 2018

Ongoing attempts to hack me while I am updating my blog

Low frequency Headache


Missing updates due to attempts to stop me documenting my abuse regularly


10 January 2018 

Low frequency headache, Aching face, head and neck due to trauma caused by US Military with  HAARP Electromagnetic Weapons, Forcing trauma based mind control

(See twitter for times)

9 January 2018

Ongoing severe pain due to HAARP Electromagnetic Attacks by US Military. Face to Neck area under extreme torture.

US Military broke my boiler and have been trying to use the extreme cold weather conditions to force Trauma Based Mind Control with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons. I am in severe pain due to attacks with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons

Ongoing HAARP Electromagnetic Abuse. I am being microwaved by US Military and I am in severe pain

(See twitter for times)

8 January 2018

US Military are denying me autonomy, my right to self determination. They is also a history of indoctrinating me in Terrorism With HAARP Electromagnetic weapons, Brain Hacking , My eyes are getting worse by the day. Whole face in achy/sore. My teeth were so tender, I found eating Doritos painful. I am been microwaved with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military

This morning I can’t see properly. I got some sort of pressure to my eyes.

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HAARP and Mind Control by Dr. Nick Begich


7 January  2018 

Body aching from HAARP Electromagnetic Attack. Interference in personal work developments, Burning Brain Stem, Brain hacking Attempts, V2k attacks, Low frequency headache.

My body is now achy. I noticed my temperament changing to very negative and dark as a result of the attack. I have to take two co- drydomol tablets to deal with the pain

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6 January 2018

Low frequency headache, held at home against my will by making conditions difficult for me to function to my abilities. Brain fatigue, Voice to skull assault, Burning Brain Stem

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5 January 2018

Frozen brain stem and neck muscles, Electromagnetic Attacks causing dizziness and neasous.

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4 January 2018

Frontal lobe attacks. HAARP Electromagnetic pollution to cause confusion and disorientation so US Military can force trauma based mind control

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3 January 2018

HAARP Electromagnetic Harrasament. Feeling dizzy and nauseous. Low frequency headache

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2 January 2018

0900 -1000 Low frequency headache

0800 -0900  Feeling dizzy and nauseous

0700 – 0800 Slight provocation going on this morning with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies by US Military. Implant was accessed 10 minutes ago

1 January 2018 

1533hrs 01/01/2018 US Military are attacking me with HAARP Electromagnetic Frequencies and forcing v2k mind control. It’s against my will. It’s abuse and assault. I want these criminals caught asap!!!


Brain Implants 

US Military put an implant via my sinuses to the brain without my prior knowledge or consent. The continue to abuse me trying to force Trauma Based Mind Control

An illustration of a brain implant to the brain through the nose, via the sinus (C) Unknown


I am a victim of non consensual mind control experiments by US Military. This procedure was done without my prior knowledge or consent.  It was a criminal act perpetrated on me by US Military for HAARP Electromagnetic Developments.

The type of medical investigations I have been getting through the NHS are not adquate enough to expose this procedure i.e  punchers in my sinuses and brain blood barrier. I need a more in-depth procedure via private medical consultations.


Brain Hacking 

According to an article in the Guardian, scientist have proposed a new set of human rights aimed at protecting people from having their brains hacked and having their data stolen. I was attacked because of my identity as a Zimbabwean and US Military were trying to exploit my identity to access Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals by indoctrinating me in Terrorism, radicalizing me to over throw the Zimbabwe Govt and promising me to arm me with weapons and using me as a go between with militia.

  • US Military have committed the following against me and my country
  • Serious Human Rights Abuse in order to pursue a corrupt agenda and access Zimbabwe Strategic Minerals
  • Intend to materially assist, sponsor and provided technological support for destabilization of Zimbabwe

After my experience I refuse to recognise these technology as anything but criminal in nature. The secretive nature of development and the exploitation of people through non consensual human experimentation by military, universities and biotech companies. It is designed to make people vulnerable in order to exploit their human rights, distort their sense of well-being, disenabling them from functioning critically, dehumanizing and psychologically manipulate them. They is a link between HAARP,  Mind Control and 5G where Mass and individual experiments are going on.  Its usually individuals who are finding it difficult to be understood due to the ruthless and cruelty of these crimes. Normal everyday folk would not want to believe these crimes are going on dispute  HAARP electromagnetic weapons for Mind Control have been prove to exist for a while now.  Even CIA disclosing a treasure trove of declassified non consensual human experiments


MKULTRA, TRANSHUMANISM and Ritualistic Abuse

I am a victim of MK ULTRA ritualistic abuse by US Military with HAARP Electromagnetic weapons, who intended on creating a Manchurian Candidate by forcing Trauma Based Mind Control with HAARP ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES .

The intent is to change a mind radically so that its owner becomes a living puppet – a human robot – without the atrocity being visible from the outside. The aim is to create a mechanism in flesh & blood with new thought process inserted into the captive body. What that amounts to, is the search for a slave race that, unlike olden slaves of the olden times, can be trusted never to revolt, always to be amendable to orders, like an insect to its instincts (Edward Hunter CIA 1950s)